Top 10 Beaches in Santorini

The unique unearthly beauty of Santorini continues to bedazzle visitors, who keep voting it as a lifetime must-see destination. This volcanic jewel surely has some peculiar beaches that do not fall in the white-sand-emerald-waters category, though. The shades of black, grey, and red prevail, giving the crystal clear waters a magical. Let’s see the top ten beaches in Santorini!


Amoudi beach can be accessed either via the road or through the steps from the castle of Oia. The steps lead to a small bay next to Ammoudi port where small boats are anchored and traditional taverns serve fresh fish. Follow the dirt path and you will find an excellent place for diving off the rocks and swimming to Saint Nicolas church. There is no place to sunbathe. This spot is recommended mainly to those who wish to swim in the caldera’s water (interior side of the island) and enjoy cliff jumping!

Ammoudi Bay, Santorini – Photo by White Pearl Villas©

Red Beach

A beach, famous for the red color of the sand, pebbles, and the cliffs surrounding it. It is located on the southwestern part of the island, near Akrotiri. Access is difficult on foot, and several rocks are falling from the cliffs making it unsafe to wander on the shore. However, since it definitely worths a visit, we suggest approaching the beach from a boat, while on a sailing tour, without reaching the shore and mainly the area close to the cliffs. You will enjoy the views and bathing in this amazing reddish scenery.

Red Beach, Santorini - Photo by White Pearl Villas©

Red Beach, Santorini – Photo by White Pearl Villas©


This long beach, with the shallow waters and the black sand, is located on the eastern part of the island, between Vourvoulos and Kamari. It never gets too crowded, but it’s popular for families with young children because of the shallow waters and the thin greyish sand. It is organized with sunbeds (no fancy options available), it has a beach volleyball terrain and has a few taverns nearby to enjoy ouzo and beer.


A small scenic seaside settlement on the northwestern part of the island, directly below Oia. Access is feasible by boat from Ammoudi, or by a donkey, or on foot from Oia, by descending the steep 286 steps. The beach is small, with red and black rocks popping out of the very deep, yet inviting waters. Note that, it is one of the very few swimming areas inside the Caldera’s waters. There is a small fish tavern there, right by the sea.

Armeni Beach, Santorini – Photo by White Pearl Villas©


Perissa is a very popular black sand beach with crystal clear waters, mostly attracting the younger crowds. It is one of the longest and most well-organized on the island, with umbrellas, sunbeds, a diving school, rock climbing facilities, water sports facilities, beach bars, taverns, and grocery stores. Fancy and casual bar and tavern options are available there. Read more about this beach here.


Perivolos is another well-organized beach on the island, long, wide with thin black sand and crystal clear, deep waters. It is located in the southeastern part of Santorini. The younger crowds love the beach bars, while families enjoy its quieter parts, the all-day taverns, as well as the beach games and activities. Fancy and casual options are available there. Read more about this beach here.


Kamari is a popular seaside settlement on the southeastern part of the island. The beach is long and wide, very well organized, with thin black sand, pebbles, and abruptly deepening waters. There are many taverns, shops, and hotels in the area. On the most south part, you shall see Mesa Vouno mountain, which divides Kamari from Perissa beach. This spot is ideal when the western wind blows as the mountain offers cover and keeps the sea tranquil to enjoy bathing at the most.

Mesa Vouno at Kamari Beach, Photo by White Pearl Villas©


The most exotic, lunar-like beach of the island, located on its southern part. It’s long, with black coarse sand and crystal clear, deep blue waters, and is surrounded by steep, grandiose, sky-high cliffs. Access is easy, and you will definitely enjoy the magnificent sunset, should you decide to stay until late.

Vlychada Beach, Santorini – Photo by White Pearl Villas©


Covered by black volcanic coarse sand and surrounded by black rocky cliffs, Baxedes is one of the most known beaches in Oia. It is located in the northern part of the island, about 11 kilometers from Fira. It rarely attracts big crowds, which makes it ideal for relaxation. A beach bar stands behind the beach.

Palaia Kammeni

A small beach on the scenic cove of Agios Nikolaos, on the northeastern part of the islet of Palaia Kammeni, which can only be accessed by boat. This lava islet impresses visitors with its wild, magical landscape, and its warm yellow-reddish waters.

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