Did you know of these 7 hidden spots in Santorini?

Santorini is the most popular and romantic touristic spot in Greece. This beautiful Island naturally attracts millions each year. Undeniably, Santorini is a Mecca for newlyweds and boasts itself as the world’s best romantic destination. From Honeymooners to nature lovers, Santorini offers a bucket-list of experiences. Seductive beaches, exceptional panoramic views, and incredible sunset are a few of them. In addition to it, there are whitewashed villas, blue-domed churches, and picturesque windmills. Most of the Island visitors explore these attractions and spend time marveling around. Generally, tour operators will take you only to the overcrowded attractions. However, this island has a few awe-inspiring hidden spots. Want to know what are those? We have the list ready for you. Immerse yourself in the Island’s off-beaten paths to discover these seven hidden spots in Santorini.  Let’s explore them like an insider…

Visit Finikia Village 

Fira and Oia are the two popular villages on this Island. Tour operators will always include them in their Greece tour itinerary as they have overwhelming beauty. Similarly, they attract massive crowds all over the year. However, there is another tranquil village located 5 minutes from Oia’s city center. This is the Finikia Village where you must visit to get an authentic experience. Marvel around the cobblestone street by foot and enjoy picturesque views of old-style colorful buildings. The scenic setup will make you feel like it’s painted by some expert artist. The black volcanic rock stone wall will also surprise you as you enter. 

Aspect of Finikia Village -Photo by White Pearl Villas©

Additionally, you will find many beautiful churches and traditional cave houses. Agia Matrona is Finikia’s biggest attraction, as is the church that hosts a popular among the local’s feast, called ‘Panigiri’, on the 20th of October celebrated with live music from traditional bands and dance till early morning hours. Therefore, include a tour to Finikia Village in your travel itinerary when you explore Santorini.

Explore the Castelli of Emporio

The Castelli of Emporio is a 15th-century city castle. It is a classic example of Venetian architecture in Greece. It was built to protect the residents of the Emporio village from any pirate invasions. If you marvel around the castle and take a walk inside it, you’ll be charmed with the grandeur of this brilliant building. The narrow streets allow only one person to walk. You will find small bridges inside the castle interconnecting the houses. 

Panagia Mesani in Emporio – Photo by White Pearl Villas©

Additionally, you will come across some beautiful 16th-century churches located inside this fortified monument. Passengers can travel back in time while enjoying Greek coffee and local bites at an old-style coffee house, in Greek ‘kafenio’, lying at the street’s staircase on the way to the centre of the castle. Walk and explore the Castelli of Emporio and enjoy the magnificence. 

Spot for Cliff jump at Ammoudi Bay

If you are a thrill-seeker visiting Santorini, there is something for you as well. There is a beautiful cliff jumping spot at Ammoudi Bay. This bay has clear turquoise waters surrounded by hidden rocks. So, find the ideal location and dive into this beautiful clear water. This is a very interesting swimming point. It is also one of the very few located inside Santorini’s caldera offering stunning views of the volcano. 

Ammoudi port – Photo by White Pearl Villas©

If your adventurous spirit is on, don’t forget, after diving, to swim to the tiny island of Saint Nicolas, and explore the small chapel that it is carved into the rocks. When you finish swimming, you can always make a stop at the taverns lying by the sea at the bay of Ammoudi and enjoy fresh fish and seafood. Tip: When you reach Amoudi Bay the cliff jumping area is not visible. You will have to pass through the taverns, follow a dirt road for a few meters and turn at the end of it. Therefore, enjoy this adrenaline experience like never before. 

Sail to Aspronissi Island

The White Island or the island of Aspronisi is another hidden spot in Santorini. This unspotted floating piece of paradise is located on Santorini’s western side. This small island in the caldera is formed after 1450 BC’s massive volcanic eruption. It spreads across an area of less than a square kilometer. There are two beautiful pebble beaches located on this island. This is a place where tourists don’t visit as there are no regular boat routes. To explore it, you need to take a boat and reach over there. You will have the chance to enjoy the majestic caldera view from a completely different perspective and enjoy the tranquillity of this remote beach!

Check out the bell Towers in Megalochori

Megalochori is a small town in Santorini. It is not a crowded tourist spot, but the Bell Towers located over here is something worth seeing. There is a narrow street and near to it, you’ll find this bell monument. You’ll discover beautifully designed royal symbols engraved on the building. Those are stunning. Dinning at one of the traditional taverns of the main square will fill your evening stroll. So, visit this quaint town in Santorini and marvel around the grandeur of this unique monument. 

Tower bells at Megalochori Village – Photo by Tomáš Nožina on Unsplash

Enjoy Sunrise at Oia

Enjoying Sunset at Oia is a romantic experience to enjoy in Santorini. The views that you get from there will simply make you hold your breath. This is why massive crowds gather during evening hours to gaze at the dazzling sun diving into the sea. However, if you do not appreciate crowded places why don’t you try seeing the sunrise? The Sunrise view is equally impressive, and you will avoid the fuzz of tourists while admiring the spectacle. You will undoubtedly create some unforgettable memories!

Visit the Lighthouse of Akrotiri

There is an old Lighthouse located on the southern tip of Santorini. From here you can enjoy incredible views of the caldera. This view is completely different from those seen from other touristic parts of this island. Make sure you include this place in Santorini’s travel Itinerary. 

The lighthouse in Akrotiri – Photo by White Pearl Villas

Find the perfect combination of famous sights and hidden spots in Santorini and discover this fascinating island!

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