A complete guide of Kamari Village in Santorini

What to do at Kamari village

While Santorini is mainly known for the impeccable caldera views and the romantic sunsets, there are villages located away from the vistas that contribute to the island’s glory. One of them is Kamari Village!

Let’s find out about Kamari village

Kamari village is on the south-eastern part of the island. It is 20 km away from Oia, 10 km from Fira, and very close to the airport. The word ‘kamari’ in Greek means pride. It is a well-deserved name given to the settlement as it is one of the most cosmopolitan beach resorts on the island.

What makes Kamari Village worth visiting?

The black volcanic beach of Kamari Village

Kamari beach is a 5km long, black sandy beach adorned by a stone-paved promenade of restaurants and shops.

Kamari 5 km black sand beach – Photo by White Pearl Villas©

The beach is well organized with sunbeds and has crystal clear waters. A Blue Flag award proves that the beach has high-quality services, safety procedures, and excellent water quality. Kamari is split from Perissa by a large mountain called Mesa Vouno. There is a water taxi that connects the two villages that my be a fun mini sailing ride! |You can take it at the very end of the beach, near the mountain.

Mesa Vouno mountain at Kamari Beach – Photo by White Pearl Villas©

Be aware that some parts of the shore are covered by pebble rocks making entering the sea quite a challenge. Should you want to protect your feet from the hot pebbles, a pair of beach shoes can be easily found at the local mini-markets on the seafront.

Plenty of restaurants bars and tavernas provide free high-quality parasols all day long if you purchase drinks or food from their menu. You can reach the village easily by public busses. There is also a spacious free parking lot near the bus terminal, close to the mountain, if you decide to reach Kamari by car.

Evenings at Kamari beach are equally pleasing with the fresh and soothing breeze, vibrant atmosphere, and great smells. You can enjoy a fish platter in one of the many restaurants, browse the stylish apparel and decorative items at the alternative shops, listen to live music at a beach bar while sipping a cocktail, or even participate in a night of karaoke. Fun and relaxation assured!

The water sports and diving in Kamari Village

For those who want that extra dose of adrenaline while enjoying a day at the beach, you can combine your leisure time with a fun ride. There is a wide range of water sports on the beachfront of Kamari village. You can choose between hiring and riding a jet ski, canoe kayak, Sup, and tube riding. Experienced trainers will guide you and give you all the safety instructions needed.

Moreover, you can explore the island’s fascinating underwater world at Kamari’s scuba dive centers. There are diving courses for all ages and levels. The emerald deep blue waters will enchant you as you discover the Aegean sea which sustains so much of life.

The open air cinema in Kamari Village

Are you looking for an alternative way of spending your evening while in Santorini? The open-air cinema in Kamari village will not disappoint. Located just a few meters away from Kamari’s center, Cine Kamari is one of the best open-air cinemas in Europe.

Kamari open-air cinema – Photo by Santorini Cinema

All movies are in English shown with Greek subtitles. You can check their official website in advance to see what is playing. The cinema is open from May until October. The movies start every night at 9:30 pm. If you want a good seat, try to be there on time as the doors open at 8:30 pm and there are often people queueing since tickets are not bookable online.

There is a bus stop just outside the cinema but if you have your own transportation you can easily park on the side of the road.

Furthermore, there is a cozy bar serving drinks and snacks that adds greatly to the experience. Make sure to bring a jacket, as it can get chilly during the evening, and enjoy a film under the stars! Discover more in our detailed post about Kamari oper-air cinema.

The city of ancient Thira lying on the highest hill of Kamari Village

On top of Mesa Vouno mountain, 396m above sea level, lies ancient Thira, ruins of an old city named after the mythical ruler of the island Thiras. The city was found in the 9th century B.C by Dorian colonists who were under the sovereignty of Thiras. Excavations on the residential area and the cemeteries began in 1896 by German archeologists and later between 1961 to 1982 by N. Zapheiropoulos. Findings from the excavations like pots, statues, vases, artifacts, and more are in the Archaeological Museum of Fira.

Ancient Thera ruins – Photo by Stan Zurek, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

How to get there: There is an impressively scenic road that leads to the archeological site. You can drive your own vehicle, take the scheduled minibus daily except Tuesday every hour between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm from the bus terminal of Kamari or even walk all the way up. However, if you decide to walk, we recommend getting there early in the morning to avoid the high temperatures.

Ancient Thera ruins – Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As you reach the top, a magnificent view of the island and the Aegean sea will welcome you. Wandering through the cobbled streets of the antique city, you can spot remains of an agora (marketplace), an amphitheater, temples, a Christian church, some frescoes, and houses. Since there are few sites remained, a guided tour would give you a full perspective on the lives of the inhabitants back then.

The natural spring of Zoodochos Pigi at Kamari Village

If you wish to take your visit to the Ancient Thira a step further, there is a narrow path below that leads to the only church on the island with a cave that has a natural spring. Zoodochos Pigi (life-giving spring) was the main water source for the city of Ancient Thira as well as the entire island. The cave is 26m long and at the very end, water drips from stalagmites into a natural basin. There is a small chapel outside the cave that offers breathtaking views of Kamari village. Take a source of lighting since it is quite dark inside, wear comfortable shoes, and enjoy this hidden gem of Santorini!

Family & Friends fun activities

Moreover Kamari has a handful of other activities

  • An Escape Game with four themed rooms: Sherlock Holmes Room, Wine Cellar, Prison of Monte Cristo, and Hang-Over Room! Friends, couples, or families with a maximum team size of 5 people will be trapped inside a theme room, and you will have one hour to work together as a team and accomplish a challenging task.
  • The Fun Train offers you a ride around Kamari and drives you from the beach to the ancient Thera following a scenic route. The fee is about 10 euro roundtrip.
  • If you have a couple of hours to spare you can also visit the Santorini Mini Golf where you can enjoy 18 holes course. Do note that there is no shading. while playing so choose the timing of your visit wisely!

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