Lefkes Restaurant in Santorini – 7 reasons to try it!

It is world known that Greek people love food and, trust us, in Santorini you can find incredibly delicious treats that you cannot even imagine exist. Among the rest, we stood out Lefkes Restaurant. At the picturesque settlement of Finikia in Oia, the unique gastronomy journey of flavors and the creative authentic Greek & Mediterranean cuisine meet artfully and offer one of the most exquisite dining experiences of the island!

The story behind Lefkes Restaurant

All treasures hide a little sparkle story behind them, right? Well, here’s the story of Lefkes!

Many years ago, during Oia’s prosperity through the maritime era, Finikia was the hometown of all the farmers who worked in the fields and the surrounding vineyards. Their building skills and ingenuity combined with the support of the wealthy ship-owners, led them to build, by digging the volcanic soil, creative, large, deep, and impressive underground structures for the preservation of the wines. They named these constructions Kanaves and until today, Kanaves are an integral architectural hallmark of the village. One of the most remarkable Kanaves of Finikia stands in an imposing location close to the entrance of the village. It was carved by a local craftsman in July 1848. The place stood out in time as a venue. Many celebrations and festivals took place, such as Panagia Matrona’s famous local feast.

This Kanava meant to house the Lefkes Restaurant. In 2016 a group of three food enthusiasts and friends met and a new gastronomical idea was born. Mr. Tasos Karras, the owner of the old winery storage and constructor, restored the old building with respect to its history and tradition. If you wander around you will notice many structural details that narrate the stories of this beautiful cave, such as the ‘lino’. The lino is an underground cistern where the must of the grapes were collected. On the second floor, a room with a private dining table hosts at its walls pictures of the old days.

Mr. Tasos Doumas, co-owner of Lefkes Restaurant, is a distinguished and awarded chef and restaurateur. Over the last 25 years, he has conveyed his enthusiasm for quality food and his talent in creating the most compelling dishes to some of the most outstanding restaurants in Athens. Last, but not least, Mr. Kostas Antoniou, a local businessman in the tourism sector, and a genuine foodie, offered his insights on what guests expect when arriving in Greece, a world-famous foodie destination for the most demanding tastes.

In 2017, Finikia Village welcomed an emblematic restaurant where tradition meets evolution and a savory fairytale begins. Fresh Greek and Santorinian products, such as fava, tomatoes, feta cheese, caper, olives, virgin olive oil, home-made marmalades, and chutneys, tomato pastes, fresh pasta, seafood, and high-quality meat products, freshly home-made bread mingle together and create an enchanting culinary experience. The desserts will leave no one complaining too!

Why should you try Lefkes Restaurant?

We did not yet convince you to visit it? Here are seven -at least reasons- to reserve a table at Lefkes Restaurant;

  1. The distinctive architectural aesthetics of the old two-story building of this traditional Santorinian Kanava impress whoever passes the restaurant’s wooden heavy doors. A romantic terrace offers views of the village and the idyllical sunset during the summer season. In the chilly evenings, the indoors area will fascinate you with its unique layout!
  2. Its unparalleled location will give you the chance to marvel around Finikia Village (Google Maps plus code: F97V+5C Finikia). Finikia is an authentic settlement that keeps its attractive structural forms and remains protected by major touristic interferences. Still, it is just a breath away from Oia’s city center, approximately 1km, 12 minutes walking. 
  3. It has reasonable prices with an average value of €25-€30 per person without drinks. You would say it’s a value for money option as it combines quality materials with inspired recipes and moderate rates.
  4. The list of wine labels is wide and for all tastes and budgets. You can ask the waiters to propose to you a label to accompany the dish of your choice. You can also try Greek beers or the famous Donkey ale produced in Santorini.
  5. The portions are generous and will satisfy even the hungriest! For those who get very hungry… try the lamb.
  6. Vegetarian-friendly, vegan & gluten-free options are available. Greek cuisine generally offers a variety of appetizers. People with vegetarian and vegan tastes can usually choose among them.
  7. Lefkes offer authentic Greek hospitality, cozy and warm ambiance, excellent and courteous customer service from the staff.

Our favorite Greek dishes of Lefkes Restaurant

  • Pappardelle, a super delicious dish with fresh pasta dressed up with the cream of aubergine, minced sausage from Karditsa , and Amfilohia pecorino cheese. Unquestionably, the most famous dish of Lefkes! Βon appétit!
  • Super tasty Beef Steak from Greek cattle with potatoes and home-made BBQ sauce accompanied perfectly with Ixnos Merlot wine by Palivos Estate
  • Try Potobelo mushrooms filled with kasseri cheese Sohou, Tartufo cream, and Valeriana, on rocket pesto, a delicious appetizer
  • Lamp for (2) slow-cooked all night on vines. It melts in your mouth!
  • If you are a truffle lover you can try risotto with mushrooms, graviera from Naxos island, Tartufo cream served traditionally in a pan
  • Cannot leave Lefkes if one hasn’t tasted fava with mushrooms, parsley oil, paprika oil, and fresh oregano

Are you ready to embark on a Greek Cuisine trip? Make your reservation at +30.22860.72211.

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