Packing my bag for Santorini

Preparing your packing list for your trip to Greece? Here are some tips and info that you need to consider while packing your bags!

These shoes are made for walking!  

In Santorini, you shall find pathways paved mostly with cobblestones and steps at the cliffside, so it is not the best place for heels or non-comfortable shoes. A pair of sneakers or comfy walking shoes will be ideal during your day or evening strolls around the island. If you feel that you cannot enjoy the nightlife without your favorite heels, make sure to have a pair of sandals to walk till reaching the bar of your choice and change shoes just before you enter. Otherwise, the best-case scenario is to spend your precious time struggling to look cute while walking on Fira’s alleyways. For the beach, you should pack a pair of flip-flops or sandals but if you want to save space in your luggage keep in mind that you may also buy from the local stores.

Oia, Santorini – Photo by White Pearl Villas©

Dress in layers or, as we say in Greece, dress ‘like an onion’

Depending on the season, make sure to pack the appropriate outfits. Keep in mind that in the summertime during the day and it can get too hot, thus loose dresses and T-shirts are the most appropriate. During the night, it gets chilly and windy so dressing in layers is the key to success! If you are thinking of moving around with a bike or convertible car, maybe you should bring a windbreaker for the chilly hours and a light summer scarf to protect your arms and neck from the sun. If you are traveling on the season’s shoulders warmer outfits and jackets are necessary. Don’t forget you PJs as well!

Swimwear and beachwear is a must unless you enjoy shopping

Hat, sunglasses, cover-ups or kaftans and two swimming suits need some space in your bag. You will find plenty of options, in local stores, but if you do not wish to lose not even one moment from your time in the sun, pack your beachwear. Check if the hotel that accommodates you offers beach towels and decide if you shall bring your own or buy one in Santorini.

Toiletries and “can’t live without them” items

You should pack your “can’t live without them” toiletries and essentials. Most hotels offer complimentary toiletries like shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and slippers. The most upscale ones also provide complimentary toothbrush, toothpaste and body lotion. Advise your host before packing. Usually it will not be offered hairbrush, deodorants or loofahs. You can buy a variety of toiletries, cleaning, sanitizing and skincare products in the local market thought. If you enjoy shopping cosmetics and make up products you shall love exploring the neighborhood shops and pharmacies for Greek and not only products.

Electronics, because they make our life fun and easy

Electronics are necessary in regards to anyone’s needs; mobile phones, chargers, cameras and waterproof action cameras (for your sailing tour excursion), tablet or laptop, speaker to enjoy your favorite music on the beach or headphones. In Greece, the power plugs and sockets are of type C and F. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Do you need an adapter or converter? Lastly and for the ladies… does your hotel offers a high-power hair dryer? Do you need one? Advise your host before packing. 

Cash and Credit Cards

Santorini has a lot of ATMs all around the island, while almost every hotel, shop and restaurant accepts credit cards. Make sure to inform your bank of your trip to avoid any suspension due to suspicious transactions in foreign countries and worry not for carrying a lot of cash. Cash is usually used at kiosks, take away coffee shops, fast food and low-value transactions.

Paperwork and small print staff

Don’t forget your passport! You can have a copy on your phone as well. Your driving license is necessary if you wish to rent a vehicle. Some car rental agencies require an international driving license. Check before you rent! Travel and medical insurance digital copies on your phone might prove helpful. Also, hotel, tickets, rental bookings info will be easier to be stored digitally in your phone , to avoid searching your bag when least convenient. Last but not least do not neglect to tag your suitcase with your contact details in case of unfortunate incidents.

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Travel in comfort, travel in style

If you are traveling from far away maybe you should consider packing some of the above to make your trip as more comfortable and less boring as possible; a book of your favorite author or a Santorini guide to spend some quality time reading, a power bank for your phone or tablet to ensure you will not have your phone or tablet die will hearing music or watching the Netflix series you downloaded for your trip, nausea medicine especially if you are traveling by boat and you are not used to it, a travel pillow to make bearable sleeping on a plane/boat seat!

Make sure to leave some free space on your suitcase

Greece is a shopper’s paradise, souvenirs, clothing, cosmetics, art, jewels, and local products will definitely need some space in your luggage to travel back home with you! Thus, it is essential to leave some space free into your suitcase or maybe pack a foldable bag which can travel back home with you as a hand-luggage.

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