Santorini Cooking classes, a gastronomic experience!

In Greece, we do not keep secrets! We wish to spread the Greek culinary success story wisdom around the globe. If you are Greek cuisine lovers you should not miss treating yourselves to a fun and educational cooking class experience, while in Santorini. Skilled chefs are willing to share their culinary knowledge and recipes and encourage visitors to practice and apprehend their cooking techniques through interesting cooking classes. Wine experts lead the tasting and share all information about the famous varieties of Santorini wines. After the cooking class, everyone, the chef, and the students gathering altogether and enjoy the fruits of their work, their culinary creations, accompanied by local wine!

Our food is our medicine, and our medicine is our food.


What is the route of the tours?

The massive volcanic eruption that shaped the legendary caldera had contributed to forming an unusual and different volcanic growing environment. This uniqueness allows a variety of agricultural products to grow and to create admirable fruits. Therefore, at the beginning of the cooking and tasting tours, the aspiring chefs are guided to local agricultural paradises around the island. The tour leaders explain thoroughly about each local product and its history while in some cooking classes, the students are the ones who collect the first-hand products from the fields, a quite popular trend known as ‘the farm to table concept’. The tours, most of the time, include visits to wineries which offers added value to the whole experience while they and end in open kitchen restaurants that host the classes.

Cooking & Taste Experience in Santorini- Photo by Santorini Wine Tour official website

More details:

  1. There are a plethora of companies that run the cooking classes, and the price range varies. The shared cooking class costs approximately 160 euros per person.
  2. The cooking classes can be private or shared, and the maximum amount of participants is eight people.
  3. The average tour duration is five hours.

If the above description increased your appetite, take one last piece of advice. Make sure to start the class with a half-full stomach so that you enjoy your delicious creations to the fullest!

Cooking Classes at Santorini Wine Tours & food tasting at Lefkes Restaurant

Βon appétit! 🍽

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