Santorini diving for everyone – 5 top diving spots

Why try scuba diving in Santorini?

Passion about scuba diving? Good news! Santorini offers diving lovers an underwater diving paradise to be explored. Starting from its supreme surface scenery and ending to an exciting marine world Santorini hides lots of beauties to be examined! Wear sunscreen, take a deep breath, and start exploring Santorini from…another sunken perspective!

Exploring Santorini underwater – Photo by Santorini Dive Center official website

Scuba diving first experience

Discover the sense of freedom and join a scuba diving lesson if you are seeking adventure and excitement. Experts are so thrilled to pass all their knowledge, explain all techniques of this unique sport and guide you safely to a different kind of experience. Professional instructors will show you the first steps by diving in shallow water to a maximum depth of 12 meters in the beginning. The only limit is the age since the starting age is 10 years old. The rest skills required are basic swimming knowledge, a healthy body, and of course your powerful mindset! 

There are 3-4 day open water courses including five dives needed to give you the ticket to enter a whole new diving world. These steps are enough for you to gain the OWD license which is the first one in the dive hierarchy. The above-mentioned license allows you to dive anywhere around the globe, accompanied by a certified diver into a depth up to 18 meters.

What do I need to know if I decide to dive for the first time?

  • Anyone can try diving, as it is not a very physically demanding hobby.
  • Age limit: over 10 years old.
  • All participants under 18 must provide written parental consent.
  • Skill requested: know how to swim.
  • For the very first time, a medical certificate is requested. A local doctor is always indicated from the diving centers.
  • You are not allowed to fly for up to 12 hours after your last dive.
Jelly in Santorini- Photo by Aegean Divers official website

Scuba diving for certified divers

If you have already discovered parts of the underwater world and wish to continue the magical journey in Santorini, daily half-day trips give you the chance to do so! Should you wish to keep your diving skills alive, two different dive sites await you to explore them. The volcano’s unique caldera with its peculiar reefs and rock formations is the one site to visit and the wrecks and underwater Memorial Plaque of Jacques-Yves Cousteau is the second one. 

Top Five Diving Spots in Santorini 

On this unique volcanic island, you would not expect to miss unique underwater universes.  In Santorini, you will have the chance to explore exciting scuba diving spots suitable for both experienced divers or beginners who wish to learn step by step the art of witnessing underwater colorful and magical worlds. Let’s find here five top-ranked spots to dive:

Nea Kameni

One of the best diving spots is Nea Kameni, an island created by the major volcanic eruption that changed the landscape of the island forever and created its’ own myth. Here, you will find three wrecks to explore. 

  • Speaking of a quite shallow wreck, the Santa Maria wreck, a 34-meter-long steel passenger ship that sank in the Taxiarchis Bay in 1975. It lies 18 meters (59 feet) under the surface. 
  • A WWII boat rests 13 meters, and it is the second wreck that a diver can explore. Equally, this wreck is characterized as shallow and ideal for amateur divers.
  • The Tugboat lies 30 meters deep. This one is the only deep wreck in Santorini. You can dive only if you have advanced open water or a French level 2 certificate. 

Somebody can find here groupers, lobsters, snails but also sponges, octopuses, starfish, and schools of small fish. Though it is mainly the impressive rocks and the lava flows that do worth the visit. 


Heading towards the south-east of the island, you have the chance to dive at Kamari beach rock via the beach. Being quite shallow, it is the most recommended spot for diving courses in Santorini. Only a few meters further by boat, Kamari reef provides the divers unique images of colorful underwater life.

Diving Excursion in Santorini- Photo by Atlantis Oia Dive Center official website

Vlychada beach

Located on the island’s south and quite shallow waters, a hidden treasure awaits you to discover. It is an artificial underwater park with statues and amphorae and a whole underwater museum invites you to explore it.


Here, you will find 9 different dive sites, starting from 7 meters and sinking up to 30 meters. Aspronisi reveals a whole colorful majestic world, full of corals, fish, and a reach flora and fauna to explore. Visibility is good, often exceeding 20 meters. 


Mansell Reef is a site that we can find on the open side of Thirassia that starts from 6 meters and reaches up to 200 meters below the surface. A true experience and probably the most vivid underwater spot. Do not miss Thirassia Rivera, where groupers, tunas, swordfish, and dolphins take refuge. Multicolored sponges decorate rock formations and corals of all colors impress the divers. 

Diving in the Aegean Sea is an exciting experience in Santorini. However, if you feel still feel doubtful you can try snorkeling and if the excitement carries you, you can try scuba too!

red and white clownfish under water
Photo by Tom Fisk on


Snorkeling is very popular in Santorini. Experts will be more than happy to reveal to you the secrets of success. You can address a diving center should you wish to snorkel with the professionals’ guidelines. Otherwise, you can combine this fun activity with a boat tour across the caldera. Mostly all of the boat cruises provide equipment and do short stops for guests who wish to snorkel. 

Put on your swimwear and let the adventure begin!

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