The famous Black Sand Beach in Santorini

Where is the Black Sand Beach?

On the southeast coastline of Santorini, you will find two successive beaches, Perissa and Perivolos Beach. They both form one beach – that stretches for seven kilometers -famous for the black volcanic sand born during the great volcanic eruption. Located 15 kilometers south-east of Fira, Perissa is the beach that invites visitors from all over the world to discover the magic of the island and offers absolutely everything you can dream of.

What to do in the Black Sand Beach?

Here, the sand is black, somewhere pebbly while somewhere thinner, soft, and quite warm. The beach is perfectly laid out and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. The presence of the huge rock called Mesa Vouno, which separates Perissa from Kamari, helps to create a unique landscape in which swimming will become a memorable experience. Black Sand Beach is not just about its transparent waters, it’s also a tourist paradise!

Good to know about the Black Sand Beach

  • Depending on the period that you are visiting Black Sand Beach, reservations of sunbeds, lunch, or dinner are recommended, especially at the most popular restaurants or the front line to the sea sunbed sets. 
  • At some of the beach bars, somebody has to consume to settle on the sunbeds or rent a set of umbrellas with sunbeds at the indicated price (usually between €10-€25). If you are addicted to Wi-Fi connection, ask the waiters before you seat if the signal is reliable at the beach. If you enjoy sitting in the sand under the hot sun there is plenty of space between some of the beach bars where you can lie on your towel. Limited and small trees can be spotted to offer some kind of shading! 
  • To get there, there is a direct bus from Fira. Taxis can drop you off there too. If you are staying on the other side of the island you might want to consider renting a car or ATV for the day to enjoy the ride and avoid any inconveniences waiting for the bus or paying taxi fees. 
  • Usually, when the wind is blowing harder than usual, you can check the beach area lying below Mesa Vouno hill, where water can be quaint depending on the direction of the wind. 
  • Although Santorini’s beaches are not the most famous among the plethora of beaches of Greek islands, the water is crystal clear and the concept of sunbeds is very nice if you want to rest by the sea. The beautiful beach of Perissa has received a Blue Flag certification for the organization, safety, and quality of water.

Ready to enjoy the Mediterranean Sun at the Black Sand Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Santorini?

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