Volcano Hot Springs, Best Info and Tips

Opinions differ with regards to this activity! Some love the experience and others don’t fancy the idea! We would say that the volcano is a must-visit attraction while in Santorini. So if you have the time, there are plenty of tours to choose from at different times of the day. Many local tour operators offer excursions exclusively to the volcano and hot springs whereas it is also possible to combine the visit with other interesting sea excursions. 

Photo by Κλέαρχος Π. Καπούτσης via Wikimedia Commons

Among the short boat trips, the Volcano and hot springs tour is the perfect choice for those who do not wish to spend too much time. In just three hours visitors have the chance to experience one of the most legendary volcanoes in the world and swim in its hot springs. Visitors can reach the islet with the public boats that depart from the old port of Fira or Athinios port. What you need to know with regards to this tour is that it can get crowded. There is the alternative of trying something more comfortable and luxurious like the catamaran tour or a private tour with a speed boat. During the 5-hour long tour, guests sail across the famous caldera and have the chance to swim in the hot springs during a shortstop. 

Nea Kameni is a small island. It was formed by the volcano and it is surrounded by warm waters which are known for their therapeutic benefits. Another important evidence of high volcanic activity even today, the healing sulfurous waters consist of iron and manganese and have healing abilities against arthritis, rheumatism, and other diseases older people suffer from. These rather special bathing spots, found on the slopes of the volcano, are only accessible by boat.

What do you need to know!

To reach the hot springs from your boat, you have to swim for approximately 50 meters across the open water. If you feel confident swimmers then go for it!

Due to the popularity of the activity, there is a plethora of boats across the volcano, which leads almost always the area getting over-crowded.

The water is not hot but pleasantly warm, as the fumaroles interfere with the cold Aegean waters.

Pay attention! The rocks and ground the closer you get to the shore the more slippery becomes, so proper swimming shoes are essentials.

The smell of the water is not ideal, as it smells like sulfur. Stay strong and think of the healing action!

The sea and rocks on the shore are tinted in an orange hue. As a result: 

  1. Be careful, a permanent coloring of your swimsuit in yellow is possible! Plan to put an old, reasonable, or dark-colored swimwear. In case you did not pack one with you, it is a good chance to go shopping in order not to harm your favorite swimsuit. 
  2. Equally, the fumaroles leave a slightly duffed but quite persistent color on jewelry. It is better to place your valuable jewelry in your room’s safety box before getting on the cruise.
  3. Do not expect your skin to remain unaffected by any coloring but focus on the positive beneficial effects of the dive! Rest assured the color of your skin will get back to normal after several showers!

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