Top 5 Sunset Spots in Santorini

Hundreds of visitors from all over the world have fallen in love with Santorini’s sunsets, while they all inarguably agreed that few places on earth can match their beauty and characterized the experience as a surreal one. The island that owes its beauty to one of the most major volcanic explosions in history offers mesmerizing sunset spots for each visitor to witness. Whether you are romantic hearts or not, trust us, a sunset at Santorini should definitely be on the top of your “Thing to see in my life” list…

Let’s discover together the best spots!

Sunset in Oia’s village

The northern village of Oia is undoubtedly the Mecca of outdoor photography. Millions of renowned photographers, Instagrammers but also regular romantic couples and nature lovers gather each year in Oia to admire and capture the colorful majestic scenery. One prime spot is at the old castle, overlooking the medley of white-washed houses on the embrace of the Caldera, blue domes, and the windmills which is located on the edge of the village. Make sure to get there well in advance to claim the best position, even though still you will have to deal with hundreds of other photographers and selfie-seekers. They are not few, the ones who say the crowds ruin the experience, but the spectacle is worth a few hours of slight discomfort.

Romantic moments with @weltenbummler_dd at Sunset Chaser Villa- Photo by White Pearl Villas©

Sunset by the sea

There is a wide variety of boat cruises to choose from that give you the chance to get a 360-degree sunset experience. Many people consider the vantage point view as the best one creating the most comfortable and romantic atmosphere. Departing in the afternoon and having short stops at some of the most popular attractions, like the Red Beach and the volcanic Hot Springs, the boat tours in the middle of the Aegean Sea, giving the sense of the utmost proximity to the point where the sun sinks into the water, silhouetting the nearby islets. To the east, you can admire the white houses glowing under the bright sun firstly and glowing in the dying light shortly afterward.

When the sun touches the Aegean Sea- Photo by Danny Piper on Unsplash

Sunset at Finikia village

A tiny, picturesque village, just a breath away from the crowds of Oia’a village (approximately 1 km far from Oia’s center), Finikia is a well-worth visiting village and definitely one of the most sunset picture-perfect spots in Santorini. There are a few restaurants that provide their terraces to people who wish to enjoy sunset views, fancying a break from the hustle of the town. Make sure, since everything is too small and rather busy especially during the high season, to reserve in advance. One of our highly recommended restaurants is Lefkes, a traditional restaurant well known for authentic, delicious Greek recipes!

Sunset at Imerovigli village

Although Oia is the most popular among the sunset spots in Santorini, Imerovigli village offers equal and sometimes even more spectacular views of the sun gracefully sinking into the Aegean sea. White Pearl Cavalieri, the White Pearl latest family member, is our brand-new hotel, situated at one of the highest points of Imerovigli, conveniently located for incredible views, high above any obstructions. Our guests may enjoy its exquisite facilities since the hotel accepts only guests of sister properties. If you do not wish to enjoy an aperitif or anything from our menu and if you are adventure seekers, you can head to Skaros, a Venetian Castle also located in a privileged for watching the sunset viewing spot.

Sunset from Imerovigli – Photo by White Pearl Cavalieri

Sunset at Akrotiri lighthouse

The Akrotiri Lighthouse is located 18km away from Fira, built-in 1892, and perched on the top of the cliff at the southern part of Santorini. The lighthouse, a white, tough-looking building, during the first years, fueled with petrol and now being automatic, continues being an active naval facility and only stopped operating during the Second World War. Although there is no public access inside the building, there are lots of people gathering on the rocks surrounding the sea or on top of the exterior wall to relax and admire the idyllic scenery. The lighthouse is at the end of a very narrow and rough road, with only a small car park right by the building. We highly recommend visiting this sunset spot early enough to settle by easier.

Sunset at the Lighthouse – Photo by Κλέαρχος Π. Καπούτσης, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons

Top Sunrise Spot in Santorini

Although Oia is rightfully winning the first sunset perfect–spot award, few are the people who know the not-so-popular secret beauty of this island, which is the utterly magical sunrise. If you are willing to sacrifice a few hours of your sleep and head towards Oia town during sunrise, we can assure you, you will have only gained from the experience. Avoiding the discomfort of the crowds and wandering around the narrow Oia’s streets by yourselves will be a rather rare experience for you. The light pink hues of sunrise over the village and the light slowly covering the houses and blue domes will reveal you a different part of the magic!

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