Transportation in Santorini

Moving around the island

Transportation to Santorini is not that complicated! The best way to discover Santorini is on feet! There are plenty of pathways to walk at and feel charmed by the traditional settlements while marveling around the narrow alleys, called ‘kalderimia’, and discover sights, cozy shops, and local taverns, coffee shops, and bars. The hiking trails are also a great way to explore the landscape of the island, enjoy fascinating views of the vineyards and the caldera’s cliffside, unravel abstruse treasures such as well-hidden chapels and spots for amazing photos.

Oia & Ammoudi Bay from above - Photo by White Pearl Villas©
Oia & Ammoudi Bay from above – Photo by White Pearl Villas©

However, at some point, you will probably need to visit other nearby to your accommodation areas. If you are not a hiking enthusiast, here are the ways to move around the island;

Transportation by bus

The main bus station is located at Fira capital. From there, buses drive to all the well-known villages such as Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, Megalochori, Pyrgos, Emporio, and Akrotiri as well as to the well-known beaches such as Perissa, Perivolos, Kamari, Vlichada, and Monolithos with stops in between. The fare per full route is €1.60-2.30 per person and €2.00-2.90 after midnight, 00:30-05:00. You may find the timetable, distances, and price list at the official website of Santorini Public Buses. All travelers starting their journey from Fira can take one bus to reach their destination while those traveling from other places might need to take two or more buses and switch to Fira’s main bus hub.

Tips and extras for your transportation

  • You can buy your ticket on the bus with cash only.
  • If you want to catch the bus from a bus stop on the street and not the bus terminal, you have to wave to the driver. Raise your right arm up and then move it downwards and try to make eye contact with the bus driver!
  • If you want to depart from the bus on a not very usual bus stop (i.e. Finikia), it is better to give notice to the bus driver in advance, as they do not stop at every bus stop either they announce them.
  • During rush hours (i.e. catching the bus from Oia to Fira after sunset) it is not sure that will be able to get on board. Thus you should avoid these times or make sure that you will try to catch the bus from a terminal and not from the street. 
  • Timetables change often. During touristic season bus service is more frequent than during wintertime. Make sure to check the timetables before choosing to move by bus.
  • Bus drivers are experienced with the winding roads of the island bus passengers are not! 🙂 Hold on tight during the ride especially if you are standing, which is usual in popular routes.
  • Tel: (+30) 22860 25404 – Email:

Transportation by taxi or transfer shuttle

Taxis are available in Santorini. You can recognize them by their sign on the top of the car and their silver color. The main taxi station is located in Fira while there is a taxi station to Oia as well, by the bus terminal.

Since taxis are not too many you should either call in advance at (+30) 22860 22555 (taxis’ call center). Alternatively, you can ask the front office team of your hotel to reserve you a transfer service (private or semi-private) which will pick you up from the nearest point to your hotel or the meeting point of your choice at the appointed time. This way you will avoid wasting time trying to find a taxi or waiting in the queue but you might be slightly overcharged for the service. The usual transfer fares are approximately €20-40. Here are some indicative transfer/taxi fares; Fira-Oia €20-30, Oia-Ammoudi €15-20, Fira-Imerovigli €15-20, Oia-Perissa €40-50. 

Tips and extras for your transportation

  • Before getting on a cub or before confirming a ride with a shuttle arranged by the hotel, ask for the price. 
  • You might find a taxi or a private shuttle on the street. To stop it you have to wave to the driver. The driver will probably stop if he/she has no other passengers or not driving to an arranged appointment.
  • During rush hours make sure to pre-arrange your transfer service. 
  • If you are sitting for dinner at a restaurant you may ask the waiter to call you a taxi at an arranged time. I am sure your request will be accommodated. 
  • Taxi station telephone (+30) 22860 22555

Transportation by bike, quad, or car rental

If you are adventurous and you wish to explore every corner of the island the best way is to rent a vehicle. Often rides with a rented car are much less expensive than taxis. Additionally, they are more comfortable than taking the bus which can only drive to selected places. Prices depend on the seasonality and the rental length.

Tips and extras for your transportation

  • During high season it is better to have pre-reserve your rental. This way you will get a better rate and save time while being in Santorini.
  • Quads and bikes are fun but they are not recommended for not experienced drivers. Roads are not very easy to drive to if you are not used to them. Cars are always safer.
  • Cars are not that easy to park in comparison to bikes and quads in touristy areas or areas with limited public parking space. 
  • If you rent a bike or a quad make sure to have sun protection during day time and jackets with you in the evening.
  • If you rent a car, keep in mind that you can pick it up and drop it off at the airport or the port. Thus, you may avoid airport/port transfer fees. For this request advise the rental office selected. Quads and bikes cannot be picked up from the airport/port.
  • Whichever vehicle you choose make sure to take pictures before renting it. You will have to deliver it with the same amount of gas as it was on the day you rented it.
  • Ask your agent if it is required to have an International Driving License with you and which is the lower age limit to rent a vehicle.
  • Renting your own vehicle is the perfect way to explore places that cannot be reached with public transportation and enjoy the scenery while driving around and making stops for photos!

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