Which Sailing Tours are suitable for me in Santorini?

Are you an adventure lover? Do you fancy more comfort and privacy? Fishing is your beloved hobby? We will now guide you accordingly and help you choose the trip that suits you the best! Rest assured there are sailing tours for everyone on the magical island of Santorini!

There are a plethora of cruises that include Santorini’s popular landmarks, the volcanic island of Nea Kameni, the thermal springs, Thirassia island, Aspronisi islet, and the Red and White Beach. Find hereby in which excursions you will find them!

The Public Boat Cruise

The public boat cruise to Nea Kameni is the perfect way to visit the legendary volcano and enjoy hiking on its craters. Before you choose this option note that it is quite a challenging tour. The public boats are often getting surprisingly crowded. Especially during the peak of the season may become an uncomfortable experience for those who dislike this kind of adventure! On the other hand, these tours give the chance to the visitor explore the volcanic island, its’ craters, and the peculiar landscape. 

Normally, the tours start from the old port in Fira. To get there, you need to get the cable car or walk approximately 300 stairs down. Make sure to be there in advance, as sometimes, especially when there are cruise ships, there are long queues. Contrary to almost all other boat tours, the public ones do not include transportation from the accommodation or any meals. Usually, there are two departure times, 11:00 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. 

The cost of these excursions is approximately 20 euros per person. 

Traditional scunes at Nea Kameni – Photo by Yang Yang on Unsplash

The Catamaran Cruise

These are the most popular cruises. They can be either shared or private, morning or sunset ones and they last about five hours. The catamaran can be either sailing catamarans or power catamarans. They either start from Vlychada Port or Ammoudi Bay in Oia. 

Almost all these cruises include a stop for a dive at Palea Kameni, the thermal springs. Even if you choose the shared cruise or the private tour, you have the opportunity to stop nearby the volcanic island and swim in the natural-healing waters. Have in mind these tours do not give you access to Nea Kameni, the volcano for hiking. Also, pay attention to the fumaroles that leave a rather persistent yellow color on your skin, swimsuit, and jewelry. Tip; avoid wearing light-colored swimming suits and jewels while swimming there.

The majority of the specific cruises also include a stop to the Red and White beach, two unique beaches. Snorkeling equipment is provided by most companies for aspiring divers.

Transportation from and to your accommodation is included in the cost of the tour or, in a couple of cases, for a small surcharge. A full freshly prepared meal is also included onboard or at Thirassia island on a local tavern, along with unlimited soft drinks and wine onboard.

Thirassia Island

Thirassia is the other half of the island of Santorini that was shaped after the volcanic eruption. On some catamaran tours, you get also the chance to explore the relaxing village and enjoy a traditional meal at the tavern by the shore. 

Asprosini Islet

Some catamaran cruises give the chance to their visitors to explore the islet of Aspronisi. This islet is another small part of the land that remained on the surface after the eruption. Admiring Santorini from that point is equally breathtaking.

The cost of the semi-private cruise varies from 80 to 200 euros per person, depending on the company, number of guests onboard, dinner or lunch variety, type of vessel. Tip; if you choose this option give attention to the catamaran type and the number of guests onboard as the less the merrier! The private tours are more expensive of course but worth every penny. You will enjoy the route privately while the captain will adjust the tour in order for you to approach the famous spots at a less crowded time. You will also have flexibility on customizing your tour as the captain, depending on the weather, will propose to you some route options and you shall choose your tailor-made excursion!

The Luxurious Private Cruise on a Speed Boat

In case you wish to enjoy all the above-mentioned activities but in total privacy and on a stylish yacht or an adventurous speedboat, you have this opportunity. Super modern, luxurious, and brand new yachts and power rib boats are available for you to choose the one that would meet your expectations for this special sailing day. You can create your itinerary with the captain, based on the spots of your interest. 

Yachts are perfect for those who wish to enjoy a super luxury experience and enjoy sunbathing and swimming in their privacy. On the other hand, lots of adventure lovers and diving enthusiasts choose rib boats in order to enjoy diving at the wrecks lying on the caldera’s sea bed or just snorkel and enjoy the breeze while exploring the caldera’s secrets.

The meal is included in both morning and sunset cruise and transportation as well. 

The cost of this cruise starts from approximately 1000 euros for the five-hour tour and can increase enough depending on the boat of your preference. Full-day rentals are available as well based on availability.

Speedboat sailing tour

The Fishing Trip 

In case you wish to get an authentic Greek experience, there is nothing more traditional than the wooden fishing boats that some companies rent for visitors so to sail across the caldera and visit the best fishing spots. Skilled staff is excited to show you several fishing techniques and the secrets of cooking them in real-time, as you get to consume your fruit of work at the end of the cruise. 

The starting cost is 110 euros per person and varies. 

Did you manage to get a general idea? Did we help you make a decision? Hopefully, we did! Are you asking for any further advice and recommendations? The type of cruise we suggest? Depending on your taste and budget, we would not wish to influence you, but as long as the time is concerned, we cannot recommend more the sunset cruise! Marveling at the breathtaking Santorini sunset from the sea is a dreamy experience and a magical setting you will not forget easily!

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Enjoy sailing!

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