Top 5 Wineries in Santorini and Βest Wines

Wine production in Santorini is a tradition that counts more than 3,500 years. The climatic conditions and the volcanic soil allow the growing of unique grape varieties, that give exceptional world-wide famous white and red wines which you try in local wineries in Santorini!

The unique basket style method, an unusual technique of framing the vines low down to earth, in a spiral-shaped nest, to protect them from drought and strong winds, show how the locals used their creativity to adapt to the circumstances and take advantage of the fertile ground to the fullest.

Basket style method at Argyros Estate Vineyards – Photo by Argyros official website

Visitors from all over the world have the chance to enjoy them in a plethora of wineries around the island.

Find hereby our top 5 peaks and why you should visit!

Sigalas Winery

Sigalas Winery is a hidden gem nearby Finikia village that has been nominated as one of the best vineyards in the world.

Being rather small but scenic and due to its distant location, Sigalas Winery does not get as crowded as other popular wineries, which results in the visitor having the utmost attention of the experienced staff. Visitors can get guided tours in the vineyard, can do the wine tasting while getting to know all details from the experts, and can enjoy tasteful seasonal degustation menus or delicacies that accompany the wines.

Sigalas Estate – Photo by Sigalas official website

The winery’s awarded labels’ production reaches nowadays 350.000 bottles per year, exported worldwide. Furthermore, the innovation of Sigalas Winery is inserting for the first time the organic viticulture by participating in organic farming methods program and cooperates with DIO (certification organism for organic products).

Sigalas wines and tastes – Photo by Sigalas official website

The winery might not provide caldera views but its’ sunset views of the Aegean Sea are guaranteed all year round. The small yard, hidden into the vineyards, is the ideal place for relaxation while enjoying the unique wines.

Sigalas Estate vineyards – Photo by Sigalas official website
  • Location; Domaine Sigalas Winery is located on the outskirts of Oia, within 20 minutes of walking distance from the traditional village of Finikia. Getting there on foot from Oia might not be hard (depending on the heat of course) but definitely make sure to get a taxi to return back to Oia’s village since it is up-hill and wine consumption makes it harder!
  • Why visiting; for making you feel part of nature as you are sitting almost in the vineyards, for the scenic sunset views, for the wines and the local delicacies
  • Favorite wines; Sigalas Santorini, Sigalas Mm, and Apiliotis (dessert wine)
Sigalas Winery yard – Photo by Sigalas official website

Santo Wines Winery

The Santo Wines Winery, perched in Pyrgos village and offering its visitors breathtaking Caldera views is one of the most popular wineries in Santorini, not only for wine lovers but also for couples that look for a unique place to organize their wedding ceremony or reception.

Santo Wines Winery – Photo by Santo Wines official website

A true tourist wine center, as we can easily characterize Santo Wines, frequently hosts wine and food events, and gastronomy festivals. At the Oenotourism Center visitors are more than welcome to watch a documentary referring to the culture of winemaking at Santorini.

Wine tasting room – Photo by Santo Wines official website

In Santo Wines’ restaurant, you can enjoy tasting notes and wine aromas of the labeled estate’s proposals accompanied by a variety of delicious snacks, appetizers, desserts, and degustation menus. A wine and deli shop with a big variety of wines, wine-oriented accessories, and accompanying delicacies from all over Greece, not only Santorini, awaits guests with plenty of space in their luggage. 

Wine and Deli shop at Santo – Photo by Santo Wines official website

Tips: Make sure in case you wish to visit Santo Wines to get a jacket with you, since, even in the summertime, it gets quite chilly and windy and the winery is found on a quite high open spot. Prior to your visit contact the winery should you wish to schedule a tour. It will be more convenient for you and you will avoid surprises such as non-availability or some event hosting. 

Wine tasting at Santo Wines – Photo by Santo Wines official website
  • Location; Santo Wines, 4 km south of Fira, is easily accessible by taxi or local bus, on the Fira – Pyrgos route.
  • Why visiting; for the Caldera Views and the music evenings, for enjoying high-quality wines at very good prices and for shopping at the Wine & Deli Shop products from all over Greece
  • Favorite Wines; Santorini Assyrtiko, Santorini Nychteri, Santorini Assyrtiko Grande Reserve
Santo Wines Winery – Photo by Santo Wines official website

Koutsoyanopoulos Wine Museum and Winery

It took this unique museum 21 years to transform into a long natural underground labyrinth winery, offering its visitors a journey back to the wine-making past of Santorini and giving them the chance to discover the whole wine odyssey since it’s very early years.

Koutsogiannopoulos Wine Cellars – Photo by Koutsogiannopoulos official website

Through its exhibitions, the museum artfully depicts the work of Greek winemakers and all wine-growing procedures from the 17th century until today. From plowing the grapes to weighing, harvesting, and trampling, very vivid exhibits, reveal to the visitor the secret of the famous Greek wines.

Descending to the museum maze – Photo by Koutsogiannopoulos official website

The museum also houses tools and machines that have been used by winegrowers for many years. Guests are welcome to use guides available in 22 languages or a very informative automatic audio guide in 14 languages. At the end of the visit, guests can taste four, six, or eight wines in a specially designed space.

Koutsogiannopoulos wine tasting area – Photo by Koutsogiannopoulos official website
  • Location; The museum is located in Vothonas, 4 km far from Fira, very close to the airport. You can take a taxi or the local bus from Fira towards Kamari or the airport.
  • Why visiting; for the unusual, fascinating, and very informative museum
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Museum representation exhibits – Photo by Koutsogiannopoulos official website

Estate Argyros and Winery

The Estate in Episkopi Gonia, founded in 1903, is a modern winery located in the heart of the biggest vineyard in Santorini, well-known for its award-winning wines.

Estate Argyros – Photo by Argyros official website

This family business is one of the oldest wineries, passed from one generation to the other and counting four generations so far. Tradition and experience combined with the latest methods in winemaking technology to create full-bodied wines. The above principles are the fundamental basis of the winery’s philosophy.

Argyros Estate vineyards and winery – Photo by Argyros official website

The culmination of this family tradition is exposed to visitors, with experienced guides who show around the guests and explain the history respectfully and ambassadors of wine, revealing one by one the secrets each label hides. 

Argyros Wine Tasting Area – Photo by Argyros official website

Vinsanto is a local, red-colored, sweet dessert wine, aged in barrels for two or three years, with grapes and honey aromas and a quite velvety texture that gave Estate Argyros several awards for their own produced labels. The winery combined dark chocolate with Vinsanto and created a magical recipe that is available only in selected areas of Santorini, in the airport duty-free, and of course in the winery.

Argyros Vinsanto dessert wine – Photo by Argyros official website
  • Location; Estate Argyros is located, about 5,5 km southeast of Fira. You can take a taxi or the local bus from Fira to Kamari village.
  • Why visiting; for the top-notch wines, for the Greek cheeses and cold cuts pairing the wine tasting, for savoring the delicious Visanto Chocolate
  • Favorite wines; Cuvee Monsignori Santorini, Vinsanto 20 years aged, Aidani, Mavrotragano
Argyros Wine Tasting Area – Photo by Argyros official website

Venetsanos Winery

Venetsanos Winery, built in 1947 by the Venetsanos family was the first industrial winery in Santorini. If you are looking for another winery with unique caldera views, then this is the case. 

Venetsanos Winery terrace – Photo by Venetsanos official website

The peculiar thing as per the structure of the winery is that it is constructed from above, expanding downwards, leading to a quite unusual structural result that primarily served as energy-saving during an era when using energy forces was not guaranteed.

Views from Venetsanos Winery
Views from Venetsanos Winery – Photo by White Pearl Villas©

Experts are here to show you around the local terroir and explain the unique technique of wine growing while enlightening the history of the tradition. A small collection of various exhibits such as past-time machinery, first labels, photos, and manuscripts are demonstrated in the indoor impressive areas. 

Venetsanos indoor area and exhibits – Photo by Venetsanos official website

Take advantage of the café on the cliffside of the caldera to relax. Admire the views, and dream while sipping fine wines and pairing tasty delicacies. 

Venetsanos Winery Delis – Photo by Venetsanos official website
  • Location; Venetsanos is located right above the port of Athinios. You can get there by taxi or the local bus following the Fira – Athinios route.
  • Why visiting; for the magnificent caldera views, for the lovely ambiance, and the very interesting building
  • Favorite wines; Nykteri Venetsanos, Santorini Venetsanos 
Venetsanos Winery as a Wedding Venue – Photo by Venetsanos official website

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